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Take Up the Cross Deny Yourself Tee

Take Up the Cross Deny Yourself Tee

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18in. (width) / 28in. (length) / 15.62in. (Sleeve length from center back)
20in. (width) / 29in. (length) / 17.37in. (Sleeve length from center back)
22in. (width) / 30in. (length) / 18.75in. (Sleeve length from center back)
24in. (width) / 31in. (length) / 20in. (Sleeve length from center back)
26in. (width) / 32in. (length) / 21.5in. (Sleeve length from center back)
28in. (width) / 33in. (length) / 22.87in. (Sleeve length from center back)
30in. (width) / 34in. (length) / 24.25in. (Sleeve length from center back)

“Take Up the Cross. Deny Yourself” T-Shirt: Threads of Sacrifice

In the quiet of dawn, when the sun tiptoes across the horizon, there lies a garment woven with whispers of devotion. Our “Deny Yourself” T-Shirt isn’t merely fabric; it’s a canvas for sacred stories. Each thread carries the weight of surrender, the echo of footsteps on dusty roads.

Picture it: a mist-kissed morning, dew clinging to blades of grass. You slip into this shirt, and suddenly, you’re not just dressing your body — you’re adorning your spirit. The words “Take up the cross. Deny yourself” unfurl like ancient scrolls, etched in ink that smells of frankincense and grace.

Why Wear It? Because this shirt isn’t about trends or hashtags. It’s a secret handshake among believers — a nod across crowded rooms. When you wear it, you’re part of a silent rebellion against ego, a rebellion that says, “I choose the narrow path, the rugged one where splinters become stardust.”

Imagine the conversations sparked by this shirt. Coffee shops, park benches, grocery store queues—all fertile ground for divine encounters. Someone glances at your chest, and their eyes widen. “What does it mean?” they ask. And you, with a smile, share the Gospel in a sentence: “To follow Him, we must first lose ourselves.”

So, friend, slip on this shirt. Wear it to board meetings and mountain peaks, to hospital waiting rooms and candlelit dinners. Be a walking parable, a living sermon. Take up the cross. Deny yourself. Follow Jesus.

Discover the “Deny Yourself” T-Shirt and other soul-stirring apparel at Testimonies Of God. May your clothing speak louder than words! 

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