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Repent - Be Saved Vertical Hoodie

Repent - Be Saved Vertical Hoodie

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20.08in. (width) / 27.17in. (length) / 33.5in. (Sleeve length from center back)
22.05in. (width) / 27.95in. (length) / 34.5in. (Sleeve length from center back)
24.02in. (width) / 29.13in. (length) / 35.5in. (Sleeve length from center back)
25.98in. (width) / 29.92in. (length) / 36.5in. (Sleeve length from center back)
27.99in. (width) / 31.1in. (length) / 37.5in. (Sleeve length from center back)
29.92in. (width) / 31.89in. (length) / 38.5in. (Sleeve length from center back)
31.89in. (width) / 33.07in. (length) / 39.5in. (Sleeve length from center back)

Introducing Our “Repent - Be Saved” Vertical T-hoodie

Are you ready to make a bold statement of faith? Our exclusive “Repent & Be Saved” hoodie is designed to inspire conversations, spark curiosity, and share the life-changing message of redemption.

Powerful Design: The vertical placement of “Repent” down the center of the hoodie commands attention. It’s a call to turn away from sin, seek forgiveness, and embrace God’s grace. Beneath it, “Be Saved” reinforces the urgency of salvation. Whether you’re at church, a youth group gathering, or out in the world, this hoodie speaks volumes without saying a word.

Conversations That Matter: When you wear the “Repent - Be Saved” hoodie, you become an ambassador for the Gospel. People will ask questions, and you’ll have the opportunity to share your faith journey. It’s more than just a hoodie—it’s a ministry tool. Let’s spread the Good News together!

Available in Unisex Sizes S to 4XL. Order yours today and wear your faith with pride!

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